iMindMap 5

This is our elite software, packed with the full feature set iMindMap has to offer. The one-stop tool that can take you from the seed of an idea all the way to a powerful presentation, an infallible project plan, or even a rock solid budget without breaking a sweat. With every feature designed to foster innovation, including our groundbreaking 3D View and 12 months access to iMindMap Online, you can conquer complex tasks with flair and originality - think up the big ideas.

Plus, exclusive for all new iMindMap 5 Ultimate users, you can opt for the Ultimate Resource Pack too as part of your order. It is absolutely FREE, all you pay is the postage and packing!

New Features:
3D View & 3D Presentations:
Introducing the world's first 3D View for Mind Mapping software! An innovative way of looking at your ideas for a totally fresh perspective. Navigate around your map from all angles, zooming in on different areas and exploring the bigger picture in a whole new way.

It doesn't stop there - 3D Presentation View will really give your audience something to remember! Version 4 Presentation Mode was a refreshing alternative to reading bullet points from slides – ensuring that your delivery was confident and your audience engaged. Now imagine what you can do with an iMindMap 5 presentation in 3D! Take your audience on a 3 dimensional journey through your presentation that they will never forget...
Online Access:
With iMindMap Ultimate you get a free 12 month subscription to iMindMap Online. Collaborate on maps online with colleagues or friends in real time, whether you’re on opposite sides of the world or opposite sides of the room. Brainstorm ideas, plan projects and work as a team regardless of location or distance. Plus, you can take your maps with you wherever you go, thanks to the handy sync feature. iMindMap can automatically sync your maps between the desktop and Online, so you can access your maps anywhere.
Project View:
Project Management Mode has now become the far cleaner, simpler and more user-friendly Project Management View. Simply by clicking a button you can view a Task Table and Gantt chart version of any Mind Map. You can now also view task info quickly and easily in the brand new side panel.
We understand that relationships and associations are the core of how we think. So with the exclusive new MultiMaps, you can create as many Central Ideas on your canvas as you wish – linking them together and displaying complex information in a dynamic and easily digestible way. Think of it as a never ending piece of paper for an infinite number of Mind Maps.
Brand new SmartLayout naturally lays out your map for you, making iMindMap the only tool in the world that lets you create great looking, organic Mind Maps with all the benefits of cutting-edge auto-layout technology. There are no longer two Modes in iMindMap, you can now do everything in one space, saving you a serious amount of time and allowing you to keep your Maps looking as exactly as you want.

SmartLayout lets you draw yourself, or can do it for you, all within the same map. It will smoothly space your branches out for you, so you can focus on getting down ideas and your map will stay organised. SmartLayout takes you beyond intuitive and will revolutionise the way you Mind Map forever.
Smart Cells:
iMindMap 5 gives you new levels of control over the kind of information you want to capture. You can create spreadsheets, flowcharts and sketches all within iMindMap, that can be displayed for all to see in your workspace. Perfect for backing up your points and illustrating your ideas.
The brand new Comments system gives you the ability to jump straight in and point out or comment on any part of a Mind Map. Ideal for providing feedback on proposals or schoolwork - or just to highlight something to look at later. If you're collaborating it's great for tracking who added what and when.
Native Interfaces:
For our Apple fans, we have introduced a native Mac interface - so you can enjoy an even more intuitive experience in a workspace that feels familiar to you.

For the PC devotees, you can explore our native Windows interface – including the new Office 2010 Ribbon. Whatever your preference, we try to make you feel at home.
Export to Web:
Ever thought it was possible to make a website from a Mind Map? Well now you can, because in iMindMap you can create anything from a single Mind Map webpage, to an entire website simply by drawing a Mind Map.
Export – Pack & Go:
With improved and expansive export options for text documents, PDF's, and more, you can create clear and structured documents from your maps with a few clicks of the mouse. Plus the all new and endlessly time-saving Pack & Go zips up your map with all of its attached files into a folder so that you can send it in one tidy package.
Filter Filters:
iMindMap 5 has a brand new way of letting you hone straight in on the area or points you need to look at with a lightning fast filtering system. Unfinished tasks, links to files, branches containing certain words – anything you want to focus your attention on, or your audience's, is possible with the Filter feature.
With iMindMap 5's new Styles, you can switch your Mind Map between a broad range of different looks easily. Go from colourful and organic, to linear and formal – whatever works for you.
Our brand new Wizards offer you an easy way to create a Mind Map fast. From Organising Your Day to Performance Coaching, the Wizards are designed to help you create your Mind Map step-by-step.
Import Other Mind Mapping Tools:
iMindMap 5 can now import native maps from MindManager, Novamind and Freemind – with no file converting or fiddling around. So you can get straight into the intuitive and creative workspace iMindMap is famous for, without wasting any time.
Images & Icons:
iMindMap 5 comes with new libraries housing a vast range of diverse and stunningly sharp 3D images, icons and Central Idea images. We want to give you the freedom to create something totally unique and communicate exactly what you mean.

Download Trial | 196MB

Password: softvnnDOTcom

Instructions on how to Install and crack:
1. Download and install imindmap 5 trial version from the given link.
2. Once finished, run the crack.exe
3. Install the crack into your thinkbuzan/imindmap 5 directory
4. Once the crack is installed, a black screen will appear. Do not exit this as it is in the process of cracking.
5. Once finished, the black screen will disappear.
6. Run and enjoy iMindMap 5!

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